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Tech786: Indian governments ban on PUBG has been a hot topic since the announcement of demonetisation. PUBG Corp. Did bid to cut ties with Tencent to return to India, yet, the Indian Ministry responded that the violent nature of the games is also a reason for the ban.

After reinforcing rumors of Jio and Airtel that the game had gone for good, the players had started moving away from the game to adopt new titles. But PUBG unban is still the dream of many gamers.

PUBG UnBan: After All, PUBG Mobile might be return India Soon
PUBG UnBan: After All, PUBG Mobile might be return India Soon

Now a job posting was posted on LinkedIn for the role of Corporate Development Division Manager – India by PUBG Corporation. The job forces companies to frame corporate strategy and drive the alignment and execution of the game in India, with guidance from headquarters to support PUBG India’s setup process. This means that the person must return to the game in advance to do this work. This has really created some hope for the PUBG Unban in India.

This recruitment notice will be posted only when the company is sure of its return, and that too soon. The work place on the job says that working from home in India or in the city where PUBG India will be set up is to be decided. For now, the location is TBD and remote from home or work.

PUBG Corporation has taken various steps in the past month that differentiate itself from China. It was a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company Bluehole, while the Krafton Game was the Union Umbrella Corporation.

Mobile Games Jobs Weekly: Sumo acquires Pipwork, Huuuge Group hires new CFO | Pocket | PGbiz. First, PUBG Corp. “Cut Tencent as its publisher in India,” going forward, PUBG Corporation will take over all publishing responsibilities within the country, “the company said.

Subsequently, Krafton created his own internal development studio, Bluehole, as an independent assistant. After which Krafton, the parent company of PUBG Corp, merged into two entities, with which Krafton consolidated PUBG Corp’s publishing and support teams into its operations. When the merger takes effect, The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds development team will be left to operate as part of Krafton’s fully owned “independent” studio.

Krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han said, “To create a premiere gameplay experience, we believe that each of our studios must create their own unique creative identity.”

The conclusion

All in all, it has come to a point where we believe that PUBG Unban will be in maximum in a month. Some of the top people in the esports industry in India think the same. For example, Akshat Rathe, MD of NODWIN Gaming, told The Esports Observer, “It’s already a month and a half, which is banned and I think another month and a half of it, maybe two, maybe two and a half There are months. If the ban extends beyond a quarter, then maybe four months, where you will start seeing massive changes. Ultimately, I believe in the medium term, not in the long term, PUBG Mobile will be banned. “

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