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Realme c12 and Realme c15 launching –

Realme has become the most popular mobile in India at this time. This phone is very cheap and very good. At present, there is a huge craze of the realm in India. Realme is launching Realme c12 and Realme c15 new smartphones in India on 18 August.

It has not been told about the price of this phone. The initial price of this smartphone in India is not known how many rupees it will launch in India. This is the new version of both phones Realme c11 series.

Realme c12, Specification: 

● Talking about this phone, on this phone, we are getting to see a very big battery of 6000mAh. The Realme company claims that the battery of this phone is giving a great calling feature of 46 hours.

● Realme c12 smartphone, we can listen to music continuously for 60 hours.

● You can watch videos on YouTube continuously for 28 hours on this smartphone.

● Realme c12 smartphone 5% battery, you can talk continuously by calling 2.45.

● Three cameras have been given on the back of this smartphone, which is very good for our photography, this phone has a rear camera 13mp al triple camera.

● Realme c12 smartphone has chroma boost, slo-mo video recording as well as HDR.

● Talking about the processors of this phone, it has a great processor of the helio G35 scores 100k+ in Antutu.

● Realme c12 smartphone has cortex a53cpu. 

● This smartphone has a display of a 6.5-inch mini drop (speaks for the company’s water style dance).

Meanwhile, Realme has launched Realme c12 in Indonesia. From the price of this country, we can guess that this phone will be seen in India for Rs 9600. This price will be available with 3gb and 32gb storage.

Realme c15, Specification: 

● 6000mAh mega battery is being given in this smartphone.

● The company claims that this phone will last 57 days after charging once.

● This smartphone has a super power-saving mode in which it can talk 2.45 hours continuously in a battery of only 5 percent.

● 18-watt fast charger is being given in this smartphone.

● Which charges 25% battery in just 30 minutes.

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● Talking about the camera in this smartphone, this smartphone has a rear camera with a 13mp premiere lens, 2mp portrait lens, 8mp ultra-wide-angle lens, and 2mp retro lens.

● This smartphone also has super nightscape, slo-mo video recording, HDR mode.

● This smartphone has a 6.5-inch mini drop full-screen display.

● This smartphone is being given a great processor of helioG35.

● Cortex A53CPU processor is being given in this smartphone. This phone is being launched in India on 18 August.

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