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In the era of global epidemic from Corona where it is becoming very difficult for people to leave their homes. In such a situation, Reliance Jio, India’s well-known and leading company in the field of telecom communication, is considering bringing some new plans for its customers.

The way Reliance Jio has laid the foundation for becoming a complete communication technology-based company. Looking at it, it can be inferred that it will not only challenge Chinese companies in 5G service. In the coming days, Android smartphones manufactured by Reliance Jio can also succeed in challenging Chinese smartphones too.

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If seen, Reliance Jio is considering taking away Chinese smartphones from its country and adopting Swadeshi. Everyone remembered that time that people used to use the internet in 2G and 3G, and people had to face great difficulties for this.

The 4G plans launched by Reliance Jio not only provided high-speed internet to the users but also kept their prices as low as they could, so that no users had to spend more money.

The way Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, has said to bring a 4G 5G plan to all the 2G service customers of the country. It is also a bell for the existing telecom companies offering mobile services. This is the reason why the declaration of Xiao is being said to be two-aiming with one stone.

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Officials of Reliance Jio said that the new handset offered by the company will probably be the first handset in the world to have been manufactured by all equity shareholding companies from hardware to software. The basic hardware of the new mobile handset is Qualcomm And Intel will make, while its operating system will be from Google.

It is believed that Google will develop a special Android operating system for this separately. Facebook will show participation in this plan to be created by WhatsApp Birliance Jio. As you all will know that at present, all these big companies are partners of Reliance Jio. India is responsible for bringing all these companies together for 35 crore customers.

There is a huge 2G market. All these customers are using feature phones so far, the company is assuming that about six to eight crore 20 customers can be easily converted into 4G smartphone customers. This will be a new market for all other companies presently present.

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Reliance Jio’s preparations may have an indirect impact on Airtel, BSNL. At present, more than 35 crore 2G customers are from these companies. This is not the first time that Reliance Jio has waged to attract customers from other mobile companies. Even before that, it has enticed 60 million mobile phone customers of other companies by giving them a great 4G internet plan.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Company, said on Wednesday that he wants to completely free India of 2G. He has set a target of increasing Jio’s subscribers to 50 crore in 3 years. To achieve this, they have to attract existing 2G customers from other companies.

According to the data of March 2020, the users of Reliance Jio Company are 38.75 crores. Out of which it is India’s largest telecom company with 33.47% market share.

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