Report: Krafton Inc planning to Release New PUBG Mobile 2.O in 2021, While FAU-G countdown begins – Tech786


Krafton Inc CEO KIM announced to Release New PUBG Mobile 2.O in 2021, While FAU-G countdown begins.

Tech786: Desi Battle Royal FAU-G game has crossed 4 million free registrations on the Google Play store, which is the highest for any indigenous mobile game, so even if you have not yet pre-registered for military game on Google Play Store If gone, then by clicking on the link given below, you can read and do the whole way of registering on it.

Kim Chang-han, the CEO of the Krafton Inc
Kim Chang-han, the CEO of the Krafton Inc

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In the meantime, if we talk about PUBG Mobile India, then no official information has been received from the Corporation or Government of India so far that PUBG Mobile can be operated in India. However, the Corporation is working hard to make the game available on the Play Store at the earliest.

In the past, Bangalore Best nCore Games has announced the launch of Desi Battle Royal FAU-G on Republic Day i.e. 26 January. Now only a few days are left in it. The countdown to its launching has begun. Today is 22 January and you just have to wait for char day. After this, you can take away your indigenous Battle Royal FAU-G.

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Many famous gamers were also tweeting about PUBG Mobile India that this game will be launched before military. But no concrete evidence exists about this nor has the corporation made any official announcement.

Meanwhile, another news is coming out that PUBG developers are developing a new Battle Royal game which will be based on the PUBG theme. It will be called PUBG Mobile 2.O or literally PUBG Mobile 2, this information was given by Kim Chang-han, the CEO of the Krafton Inc in his tweet and he has also said that PUBG Mobile 2.O will be released in 2021 itself while its PC and Console versions will be reveal in 2022.

Of course it is a pleasure for all the PUBG lovers but there is no information about the launch of PUBG Mobile India, which is really disappointing.

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