Samsung Going To Launch Air Dresser For Indian Consumers, Know When will be launch and How working?

  • Samsung Going To Launch Air Dresser For Indian Consumers; Hanging Clothes On The Hanger Will Become Absolutely Clean And New

Now you will not have the trouble of washing and drying clothes. You can clean and refresh the clothes whenever you want with the use of any kind of washing machine. Indeed, electronics major Samsung is planning to expand its product portfolio in India.

Samsung Air Dresser

Samsung Air Dresser
Samsung Air Dresser

The South Korean company may launch an air dresser, a smart clothing care solution device for clothing care. Consumers can clean clothes in their homes on a daily basis comfortably through this device. It can be launched in India next week.

Launched in the UK

This Samsung air dresser was launched in the UK in November this year. The company claims that the use of air dresser will make the clothes look refreshed and fresh without washing. The company said that this machine cleans dirt and germs as well as refreshes and sanitizes clothes.

The price of an air dresser in the UK is around 1 lakh 98 thousand rupees per Indian rupee. This device is made available in crystal mirror color. It will be available on the company’s website from January 23 next year.

Will be launched in india next week

Samsung will launch it in India after UK. It is expected that the company can launch it for consumers here next week. However, the launch date has not been decided yet.

Dust from clothes will be finished in minutes

This Samsung air dresser will be launched with its special features. The company says that this device will have a jet air system. There will also be three air hangers. Any type of cloth you want to clean will need to be hung on this hanger. After this, the machine will clean itself and refresh it.

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Samsung said that this machine eliminates the smell of clothes and hidden germs with fast hot steam. Samsung claims that it works with very low voice and vibration. Its direct benefit will be for those users who want to keep this dry-cleaning machine indoors.

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