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The telegram app is good news for users. New features such as Auto Delete, Home Screen Widgets and Expiring Invite Links have been added to the instant messaging app Telegram, which you will need to update your telegram app to use. See what benefits users will get from the new features added to Telegram?

Tech786: Many special features have been added to the instant messaging app Telegram, which can prove to be quite beneficial for users. These features were much needed. If you are using the chat app Telegram, then update it, after which you will be able to use Auto Delete, Home Screen Widgets and Expiring Invite Links added to the telegram. After the controversy over the WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021, millions of people boycotted WhatsApp worldwide and its direct benefit was given to Telegram, due to which Telegram was the first number in the list of most downloaded apps in January.

What facilities in New Features?

Over time, Telegram added many special features of popular chat apps to its platform and due to this, the popularity of telegram increased significantly. Now some more new features have been added to the telegram, of which Auto Delete is very special. Through this feature you can set an auto delete timer.

Telegram Home Screen Widgets
Telegram Home Screen Widgets Features

You can enable this by going to the Secret Messages option. Along with this, Home screen widgets have also been added to Telegram, with the help of which users can access their chat box quickly. Along with this, the Expiring Invite Links feature has also been provided, with the help of which users can activate the Invite Link.

How to Update your Telegram App for Android & iOS?

Telegram has updated these features on Android and iOS smartphones, and as soon as users update their telegrams, they will begin to benefit from it. To avail the Auto Delete feature, the user has to enable Auto-Delete. At the same time, in the home screen widget, the user will get the latest message as well as other information. Let me tell you that Telegram had added many special features in the past and people were hoping that many more special features will be added to this chat app.


In the coming time, there is a possibility that Telegram will add more special features, so that users can get more benefits. Signal also added many new features to users on its platform in the past, which people are very fond of.

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