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Tencent pubg mobile news: The second trailer of PUBG Mobile is ready and it has been made with those who used to stream PUBG on YouTube, so this trailer is going to be very special. Due to this the market of rumors has also cooled down.

Many people were thinking that PUBG is not going to make a comeback in India now, but after this trailer, the confusion will be removed and this trailer will be launched soon between January 15 and January 19.

This trailer is the second trailer of PUBG and is made with online gamers. There is a new version of PUBG Mobile that is under development. This variant is completely different from the previous version.

Amidst all the speculation about the PUBG Mobile India launch, a massive claim has been made! According to the claim, the highly popular PUBG Mobile India game should be launched 19 January.

The report about the return of PUBG Mobile India to the Indian gaming market began after a trailer was launched.

According to tencent pubg mobile news, a trailer has been released talking about the possible launch of PUBG Mobile India.

A video has also surfaced on YouTube showing that PUBG Mobile India can be launched anytime between 15 January to 19 January!

On its part, PUBG has put the pot to boil every time with several announcements related to PUBG Mobile India. It is to be noted that many people are claiming that PUBG Mobile India will launch soon, but most of these claims are without any solid evidence.

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