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Hackers are also the most watched eye on Android smartphones. Hackers work to trace phones with the help of malware. Also, phone-linked financial transactions can damage the service. Actually, users often repeat certain mistakes which are as follows-

Tech786: Android smartphone users make some common mistakes every day, which can prove to be dangerous for smartphones with Android based operating systems. Please tell that Android smartphone is the most used worldwide. Hackers also have the highest eye on such Android smartphones. Hackers work to trace phones with the help of malware. Also, phone-linked financial transactions can damage the service. Actually, users often repeat some mistakes again and again, which are as follows-

Here’s 8 Major Mistakes Done by Smartphone Users, that’s should be avoid

8 Major Mistakes Done by Smartphone Users
8 Major Mistakes Done by Smartphone Users

8: Install APK file for app install

If you do not know how the APK file works, then you will be completely dependent on the Google Play Store for app install. But do you know that there are many apps which are not available on the Google Play store, which can be downloaded by installing the APK file. It can be downloaded at your own risk. It is not approved by Google.

7: Always keep Android smartphone updated

Android smartphone users should always keep their phone updated. The latest version security update is released from time to time by the smartphone companies, which prevents the smartphone from being hacked. Also provides new feature updates. The phone can be updated by going to the software update section of the phone’s settings. However, for this, the phone must have a good internet connection.

6: Pay attention when installing third party app

If you install an app from a third party, this practice should be stopped immediately. This can prove to be quite dangerous for your smartphone. Apps should always be installed from a listed store.

5: Do not use any charger

No charger should be used to charge the Android smartphone. Always use high quality adapters. Currently, most smartphones usually come with a 5,000mAh battery pack. In such a situation, charging the phone with any charger can prove to be dangerous.

4: Always pay attention to the term and condition while downloading the application

Term and condition must be read before downloading apps on Android smartphones. With this, you can find out what information the app is collecting from you. Somewhere in the name of the app install, the details of your photo and video gallery or contact book are not being accessed.

3: Switch off the phone on daily basis

If you do not switch off or restart the phone every day, then after a while your phone becomes slow. To avoid this, the user should restart the phone on a daily basis. It gets instant OTP and other messages to the user. Also your phone does not lag.

2: Protect such phone from theft

Whenever buying a new smartphone, the Android smartphone user should enable Google’s Find Device Service in the phone. If your phone is ever lost, it works to track your phone. It also provides a variety of lock screen facilities.

1: Always click Cache file

Android smartphones should keep clearing the Cache file of their apps from time to time. This should be done in a smartphone on a regular basis. This increases the speed of the phone. Also, the performance of your phone increases.

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