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These are the Top-4 Secret features of Gmail; As a user you must know these.

Tech786: Today we will give you information about the top-4 secret features of Gmail, which will not only reduce your hassle but will also make you a Gmail Pro user. Let’s know in detail about these secret features of Gmail.

In today’s time, Gmail has become a necessity for people. It is used from school to office. Apart from this, people also use G-mail for their personal work. But despite this, there are many such features on Gmail, which people are not aware of. This is the reason why people often face difficulties in using Gmail. Today we will tell you about the top-4 secret feature of Gmail here, which will be very useful to you and will make you a Gmail Pro user.

Here’s Top-4 Secret features of Gmail

Top-4 Secret features of Gmail
Top-4 Secret features of Gmail

4- Advanced Search Feature

Too much time is spent searching any mail. To avoid this, advanced search option should be used. This saves time. To use it, you have to click on the right side of the search option. Where an extra tab will open. You can search mail according to time, date and key word.

3- Mute feature

Many times it happens that you are doing some urgent work and during this time, the frequent thread messages make you very upset. To avoid this, you can mute the active group. This will move the thread’s message to the archive, where you can check it when it is free. To mute, click on the three dots of the thread message, where the mute button will appear. Conversation will be muted as soon as it is clicked.

2- Auto-advance feature

This is an easy way to delete non-essential mail. After deleting one mail in it, the other mail automatically arrives. Meaning you do not have to go back to the inbox again. For this, first you go to Settings and go to Advanced option, from here choose Auto Advance option. Then enable Turn on.

1- Snooze feature

Snooze is a kind of alarm button. It works to save your time. Meaning if you have any important mail, which you do not want to miss. But if you do not have time to read the mail comfortably at that time, then you can check the mail at a fixed time using the Snooze button. This will not miss any of your mail. Go to Mail to use the Snooze button. Here you will see the Snooze button, click on it and activate it.

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