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Twitter New Update Sometimes it happens that you are viewing a Tweet and the app suddenly refreshes. This would cause the Tweet to disappear from your page. Now Twitter is planning to make some changes to fix this problem.

Tech786: Sometimes you scroll through Twitter or you see an interesting Tweet and you stop to read it but the feed refreshes and the Tweet is lost. You then tap the home icon and quickly scroll through, hoping to revisit that Tweet, but trying to redo the Tweet goes in vain.

According to Twitter, this big problem facing users is going to be fixed. Twitter doesn’t want you to lose the Tweet you were reading when the feed was refreshed. Now, the company is planning to make some changes that can prevent tweets from disappearing while being read.

“Let’s talk about tweets disappearing from view mid-reading when the timeline starts to auto-refresh. We know this is a frustrating experience, so we’re working on changing that. Next In two months, we’ll be releasing an update to the way tweets are shown to you so they don’t disappear,” wrote the Twitter support account on the social media site.

Twitter New Update
Twitter New Update

“Background: A tweet will move up the timeline as replies were added to the ongoing convo . Since some convoys can develop rapidly, it so happened that you do not see the same tweet repeated in TL,” it added.

Twitter says these changes will keep your timeline refreshed and prevent Tweets from disappearing in the middle of a read. Sometimes it happens that you’re viewing a tweet and replying to someone you follow, or the original Twitter thread has it, the app will suddenly refresh. This would have caused the tweet to disappear from your page. Now, Twitter is planning to make some changes to fix this problem.

In a tweet responding to a user, Twitter explained: “We want you to be able to pause and read a tweet without seeing it.” The company is taking a two-month timeline to fix things.

The announcement does not mean that everything will be fixed immediately, so you may have encountered these issues before Twitter made the necessary changes. As of now, it’s not clear what changes Twitter is planning to make. However, the new changes and improvements will be a welcome addition to Twitter users.

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