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Twitter has released its most special Voice DM feature in India, Japan and Brazil called Voice Message. Through this feature, users can record their voice and send messages as well as tweet. Let’s know about this feature of Twitter in detail.

Tech786: Micro-blogging site Twitter on Wednesday released its most exclusive feature in India, Japan and Brazil, called Voice Message. Through this feature, users can record their voice and send messages as well as tweet. A 140 second audio note can be sent in a voice message. Currently, this feature is being tested. It is expected that this feature will be rolled out soon.

Manish Maheshwari, managing director of Twitter India, has said that the Indian market is important for Twitter. This is the reason why we are constantly testing our new features and are also learning how to improve the service from the experience of the users. He further said that we are excited to bring voice messages to the country. This feature will give new experience to the users.

How to send a voice message using Voice DM Feature?

Voice DM Feature
Voice DM Feature

Step 1: To send a voice message, first go to the message box you want to send the message to.

Step 2: You will see a voice icon on the right, tap on it.

Step 3: Record and send your message as soon as you tap.

Step 4: You can also listen to it once before sending a voice message.

Note: Twitter’s voice message feature is available only to select Android and iOS users. It is expected that in the coming days it will be released to all users.

Latest Feature launched in Twitter 

Let us know that Twitter had rolled out the Topics feature for Indian users in October 2020. This feature supports Hindi and English languages. With the help of this new feature, people will be able to search on Twitter for things and people they like. The new Topics feature helps people follow and connect with people in their favorite fields in a virtual way.

Simply put, when a user follows a topic on Twitter, they will see the account and web page of the expert of the same field. Meaning the user will not have to search and follow people of his profession, choice and identity one by one.

If you enter a Bollywood topic, you will get pages and accounts of people associated with Bollywood. If the user chooses their favorite brand, sports team and city on Twitter, then the Twitter user will get tweets of the same field. If you follow the topic in Hindi, then you will get many topics and accounts available in Hindi. Also, the account of experts and fans will get a decoration.

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