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In today article we will discuss with you about a Unlimited Diamonds Best Trick and How to get Free Diamonds Top-Up in Free Fire? So let’s start.

Tech786: Diamonds is a premium currency of low end devices king and biggest PUBG rival, Garena Free Fire. Every player want to more and more diamonds so that they can purchase latest gun skins, weapons, characters and clothes etc. But for this You have to spend real money, there are lot of players who have not enough money to top up diamonds so we are here for you with unlimited diamonds best tricks.

How to Top up Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Unlimited Diamonds Best Trick

If you want, you can top up a diamond for free in a free fire game, so let’s know step by step:

Free fire diamonds hack
Unlimited Diamonds Best Trick

Step 1. For this, you have to first log into Garena Free Fire Game. After that you have to go to the option with settings and open the settings.

Step 2. After going to Settings you have to change the language. You have to go to the language option and select Chinese language.

Step 3. For this step ahead, you have to enter the option with customer service. In the customer option, you will see the interface.

Step 4. After that you will get to see the option of announcement after scrolling, you have to click on it.

Step 5. As soon as you click on the option with the announcement. Then in the next step you will see the ANTIHACK FAQ option.

Step 6. As soon as you click on the ANTIHACK FAQ option, you will see the search menu on the top side. In which you will be able to search for anything.

Step 7. You have to type in the search menu. Free Diamond Top Up After that you have to click on the search button.

Step 8. As soon as you do this search, you will see many links below. For which further step you have to open it by clicking on the link given on the second number.

Step 9. In the second option, you will see It’s My Birthday Can I Get Some Free Diamond. You have to proceed by clicking on this option.

Step 10. In the state next to it, like you click on it, then it will appear above. Summit a requeste you have to click on that option.

Step 11. After following this step, you have to cut off the entire option with settings.

Step 12. This will open your game. You have to get into the game of Garena Free Fire. Above you will see the option of Topup on the interface, you have to click on it.

Step 13. After going to the top up option, you have to go to the diamond option. There you will have the option of 1 dollar Shvo, after clicking on it you have to cut it.

Step 14. After that you have to go back and cancel the payment option.

Step 15. After that, click on the option below it and refresh it by clicking on all the interfaces showing.

Step 16. After that you have to logout your ID after refreshing. After logging out the ID, after some time you have to login the ID again.

Step 17. Meaning that you will login to Garena Free Fire Game again with your same ID.
After logging in you will go to the diamond option where you will see the option of the show where there will be a free option in the middle of the show.

Step 18. You will add diamond by clicking on the free option. That is, you can increase your diamond by following UNLIMITED DIAMOND BEST TRICK.

Disclaimer: Diamond hacking by illegal ways are subjected to causes many problems like permanent ID ban, financial losses etc. We don’t recommend this type of works so always use authentic and legal ways to get diamond. If you use illegal ways we are not responsible for any losses.

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