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Use these Indian apps – 

Not long ago, 59 Chinese apps were banned by the government. But after that India took a quantum leap in terms of downloading Indian apps. Some of which are apps that are getting more than one lakh downloads per hour, then downloaded more than 1.5 crore times in just 36 hours of the ban. Know about those, native apps, which are emerging as a better alternative to Chinese apps.

1. Spark App:

Spark app is like tick talk. People can also make short videos by putting in it. After the closure of the Chinese app, people downloaded this app much more. More than five lakh people downloaded 72 hours after the launch of this app. But in 22 days more than one crore people downloaded on Google Play Store. By the way, let me tell you that it is Indian apps.

Apart from English, this app is available in Hindi, Bangla Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu languages. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra said that I had never downloaded the Tick Talk app. But I have downloaded the spark app. He told that videos can be uploaded and downloaded on the app.

It can be done by chatting with friends, browsing through feeds, WhatsApp status videos, audio clips, jiff stickers, and big creativity with photos. This app is available on Google Play Store.

2. Roposo:

This app is a social media platform. This app was already in the market. But after the closure of the Chinese app, its downloading has increased rapidly. It has been downloaded over 50 million times on the Google Play Store.

In this app too, people can share their photos like Tic Talk, and can also put videos. Video creators can also earn money through this platform. The app provides filters, speakers, voice, over and effects etc. to create videos. By the way, Roposo is an Indian apps. Which is being downloaded very fast.

3. Speak India:

This app is becoming increasingly popular in India. According to the founder of this app, Varun Saxena, this app was downloaded about 3.5 lakh times in the last 2 months, but since the Chinese Tick Talk app has been banned, it can be downloaded more than one lakh times in 12 hours. Already happened.

Use these Indian apps instead of Chinese apps
Indian apps

Another feature of this app is that it is used by people from more youth. It also supports about 10 languages. This app can be considered good for children and teachers. Because through this app, teachers can put some such videos. Through which children can be entertained along with studies.

Through this app, people can upload videos related to news, GK, health, English coaching, travel, food, technology, finance, entertainment, etc. The user has the facility to add favorite music to the video. Along with that, you can also use emoji, stickers, face filters, beauty effects, etc. This app has also been downloaded over 500000 times on Google Play Store. By the way speak India is an Indian apps

4. Friends:

This is an Indian app that has made its place in the hearts of Indians. In the case of download of this app, it has also crossed the one crore mark on Google Play Store. This was the only app that became increasingly popular. But it was removed from the Google Play store due to content policy-related matters.

But it is back on the Google Play store again. Here, users can share short innovative videos. With this, the user gets the facility to create, edit, and share videos. Can download it from google play store

5. Sharechat:

Indian social media platform Sharechat downloading has increased significantly following the announcement that the Chinese app was banned. The share chat has been downloaded over 1.50 crore since the ban was announced.

Let us know that more than 100 million people have downloaded it on Google Play Store. It is available in 15 Indian languages. Here too, users can watch and create videos in different categories. Share chat has also launched a new app lounge-like Tick Talk. Sharechat is an Indian apps.

6. Replace:

This is an Indian app, recently launched. It has been downloaded over one lakh times on Google Playstore. With this help, you will not only be able to recognize the Chinese app, but will also be able to remove it from your phone and install another app made in India. It was created by Ankit Aggarwal of Vidisha, Maharashtra. Replace app is an Indian apps.

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