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Tech786: VI (Voda-Idea) has announced a new pre-paid offer. Under this offer, customers will be given the facility of data rollover on weekends, which use the company’s unlimited prepaid packs.

In the unlimited packs of the company, customers will be able to rollover their unused data, which can be used on weekends. Meaning through the data saver benefit, users will be able to use the remaining data between Saturday and Friday on Saturday and Sunday.

Know who will be able to use: Full Report

Actually the company believes that more data is consumed on weekends, while less data is consumed during weekdays (Monday to Friday). Therefore, the data rollover facility has been provided on weekends by Vodafone-Idea.

The new facility of Vodafone-Idea will be available at a recharge of Rs 249 or more. The data rollover facility of Vodafone Idea will start from October 19, which will be available for promotion offer between January 17, 2021.

Think of this promotion offer as

Simply put, if you recharge Rs 249 and you get unlimited 3GB data daily. But only 2GB of data is spent daily. In this case, 5GB of data is saved from Monday to Friday, according to the daily. In such a situation, users will be able to use this remaining 5GB data during Vodafone-Idea Saturday and Sunday.

Vodafone Idea has announced the launch of GIGAnet. The company claims that it is the fastest 4G network in India. GIGAnet claims to provide a future fit and fast network.

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