Vodafone gave bump to Jio for just less than ₹ 11 Bumper offer. Now let’s see.

Tech786: Indian telecom company vodafone-idea has once again hit all the companies. Because in view of today’s environment, the company has made big announcements to its customers in the last few days, so that the customers can get a lot of benefits as well as they do not have to face any kind of inconvenience.

Everyone is suffering from the present-day corona virus epidemic and people are also suffering a lot. Because of the growing outbreak of the virus, all office schools have been closed. Due to which customers are getting more and more services like calling, internet etc.

In view of this, the company had made many big announcements in the last few days and has also made very good offers which no other telecom companies are able to offer so that this telecom company can build a great trust in the customers. Because all the support at this time is very important for everyone and all customers are very happy to see this initiative of Vodafone-Idea company.

Vodafone-idea has given some great services to its customers such as Binge All Night and Weekend Data Rollover. Because of which all the telecom companies have been surprised. Because its benefit is going to be directly passed on to the customer and this service is only giving Vodafone Idea to its customer.

Vodafone ₹ 299 prepaid plan

Vodafone Idea is offering 4GB of data daily to its customers for internet service in its ₹ 299 prepaid plan. And the time limit of this prepaid plan has been fixed for 28 days, that means customers get a total of 112GB of data in this plan.

Vodafone ₹ 299 prepaid plan
Vodafone ₹ 299 prepaid plan

In this plan, customers are being given unlimited calling facility on any network to make calls as well as 100 s.m.s. The facility of is also being provided.

Like we just told you. In this, the company is offering customers the facility of Weekend Data Rollover with Binge All Night. With this, users also get access to the company Vi Movies & TV. If you see this plan of Vodafone, then the customer is reading less than ₹ 11 daily.

Vodafone-Idea ₹ 399 Prepaid Plan

Vodafone Idea is offering unlimited calling facility on any network to call customers in this ₹ 399 prepaid plan and the company is offering 1.5GB of data daily to its customers for internet service.

This plan is valid for 56 days with the customer getting 100 s.m.s. Are meeting daily. The company has given customers Binge All Night as well as Weekend Data Rollover Offer in this plan.

That is, the customer can use unlimited data from 12:00 pm to 6:00 am, in addition to this Violin is also providing access to Vi Movies & TV for free.

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