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What is Blog, Blogging & Blogger :- 

Simply blog is an online writing work on world wide
Web. In ancient their are no internet, people write own ideas or views on paper and publish them. 

But in this time we have internet due to which we can put our ideas or view online on any specific topic and send it to every corner of world. The person who engaged in this type of work is called blogger and their work is called blogging.

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How it work :-

● There are many platform at which you can create your blog and start work. But if you are beginner then I personally suggest you should first of all start with Google blogspot. Because this totally free.
● Here you get domain name and hosting totally free of cost. On Word-Press initially you have invest some money and you need extra knowledge also. So you should start with Blogspot first.

What basic needs to start a blog:-

…Anybody who have writing passion can start blogging. But it’s require some skills that are given below

1- Knowledge of Blogging:-  If you are going to start blogging first of all gain all basic knowledge about its by using Youtube, Internet etc.

2- Passionate:- Generally blogging is so boring work for them who have  not interest of writing. So first of all if you have passion of writing at any topic which you like more such as technology, Bollywood, Health, Lifestyle etc.

3- Patience:- Second thing which have a blogger that is patience. It’s so must because some people who have really not interest of writing but by seeing someone he start writing blog and after four or five days, they become bore and leave it. But you know it’s a regular work so a good blogger should have long time patience.

4- Laptop and Internet accessories:- If you want to star your own blog, You have a good laptop and all internet accessories.


How to create a new blog:-

… If you have all above thing then start your own blog without any hesitation. So now let us discuss step by step.

1- Create your own G-mail Account:– First of all you have your own G-mail account. So create your E-mail account by using Google.

2- Sign in to Blogger 

3- After that tap on left uper corner on Down arora

4- Click on create New Blog

5- Then Enter your blog name as you want.

6- Select Your blog URL.

7- Choose appropriate Blog Template.

8- Now finally click on button of create blog.

9- Your new blog is ready to use.

What pages should contain it:- 

..First of all after creating a blog you should add some important pages in your own blog such as About usContact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer etc.

How it’s helpful for you:-

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