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Facebook Data Security:

There are 2.6 and billion monthly active users of Facebook worldwide and today there is hardly any mobile user who does not know about Facebook. Due to its easy to use and extremely features, it has a lot of craze among people. But the way data security and privacy matters are increasing today.

it is natural to worry about third-party apps or websites sharing their data with Facebook. If you too are looking for a solution, then Facebook’s Facebook Activity feature can be useful for you.

What is Facebook Data Security?
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Usually, the user feels that the data he shares on Facebook, he has, but it is not so. When you visit a website and apps, then this website and apps share your activity with Facebook. For this, they take the help of business tools such as Facebook login, Facebook pixels.

You can also think that when you search to buy something on a shopping site, then the ads of the product related to it start appearing on the other side and apps with Facebook. This happens because of sharing your data.

How do you access Facebook Data Security in a smartphone:

To access this feature, you have to go to Facebook settings. Inside the settings, it will be found on the left-hand navigation panel under Your Facebook Information. After clicking on it, you can access the Facebook activity. Here you have to click on the view, you will see icons of sites and apps that share your data with Facebook. These data are used for business purposes. Due to this reason data security is necessary for the user

Information, which is shared with Facebook:

When you open an app in Facebook activity, then you will first see what kind of activity was shared through Facebook Business. You can then view the app intrusion in the dropdown menu. If you want to see your activity details that have been shared with Facebook through the app’s website, then the option of download activity details will appear here.

As soon as you click on it, it will take you to the information page. Here you can select the data according to the date. Keep HTML in the format and keeping low media in quality will make it easy to download files quickly. After this, click on the create file. By the way, this process may take some time.

When the file is created, Facebook will notify you, the files are ready for download. To download you have to enter your password here. This file is in a jeep format. After editing this, open the Add and Business folder. In this, you will find a file of

How to see Facebook Data Security activity:

After clicking on it, you will be able to see when the apps and website tracked these with Facebook and shared your data. Let me tell you that you will not see data in Facebook activity in the recent one or two days.

How to enable facebook Data Security:

Now you must be thinking what to do for data protection, the first step is to turn off future activity and for this you should first http://www.facebook.com/off Facebook activity / future activity. However, this will mean that you will be able to disconnect the future activity from your profile.

However, this is also not a temporary solution. There are other ways with which the company can collect data. The option of Manage Future Activity will appear here. After clicking on it, turn it off. However, if you log in to any site through Facebook through this process, then that too will be logged off.

Well, the way to avoid this is that you use Data Security oriented browsers like Duck Duck Go Firefox Focus on Easy. Apart from this, one can use privacy-related plugins such as HTTPS Everywhere You Block Origin, etc. to prevent Facebook from collecting data during activity on the website. These plugins can be used. Inner plugins can be used to prevent advertising cookies.

How to Delete Facebook History:

You can also take the help of Clear History to disconnect Facebook activity from the account. For this, after opening Facebook, you have to click on the menu with dropdown on the top right. After this, go to Settings and select Settings and Data Security Privacy.

The option of your Facebook information will appear on the left side here. After clicking on, go to Facebook Activity. A clear history option will appear here. Click on it, you can delete the woman.

Use private mode:

For a user who is aware of his privacy, using private mode (for data security reasons) on Facebook can be a better option. After going to the settings for this, you have to go to the data Security privacy checkup.

To customize your profile visibility here, I can see what you share in the option of public option instead of a public option, you are the most secure way. Apart from this, there are privacy-related options for timeline tagging and story belly.

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