What is Keratoconus, Will Keratoconus will be increased by accessing mobiles?

What is Keratoconus: This disease is also known as the conical cornea, which affects the eyes. Keratoconus in the eye of the affected person increases above normal. It grows and develops into a cone shape. As the shape of the cornea is usually spherical.

What are the symptoms of Keratoconus?

Symptoms start appearing in the person suffering from this disease.

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Will Keratoconus will be increased by accessing mobiles?

 @. The eyesight starts decreasing.
 @. It affects both the eyes.
 @. Looking at the light, Glare is seen all around it.
 @. Difficult to see at night.
 @. Mild pain in the eyes and problem of headaches in the head.
 @. There is an increase in the sensitivity of the eyes to bright light.
 @. Sometimes there is a sudden change in front of the eyes

What is the main reason for having Keratoconus?

This problem arising in the eye arises due to the weakening of the small fibers found in it called collagen. Because, when they are in their normal state, they keep the cornea in normal shape. RELATED| Telegram mobile screen sharing process during group Video Call, full process

But when it starts to weaken, the shape of the cornea becomes like a cone. Or we can also say that the cornea starts to weaken. The main reason for the occurrence of this disease.

@. There may be genetic traits.
@. Exposure to ultraviolet rays of the eye.
@. If a person rubs the eyes excessively.
@.Contact lens fitting has not been correct for a long time.

How to conical cornea treat it?

Let me tell you, this is not a big problem. You can also correct this with the help of glasses or soft contact lenses. But if even this is not benefiting you and continue this problem is increasing for you. RELATED| Can Windows 7 users upgrade their PC to Windows 11

So glasses and contacts will not be able to help you for a long time. Therefore, for this, you have to contact an ophthalmologist for using methods like therapy, carnival cross-linking, cornea transplant, etc.

Q- Will Keratoconus will be increased by accessing mobiles?

ANS: The main reason for this problem occurring in the eye is the stretching of the tissue in the eye at work. This stretch can be any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

Or let us say that if you use a smartphone for a long time. He too without wearing glasses and keeps his light in very high mode.

So definitely it will affect the eyes. That’s why you must use the Night Mode feature while using your smartphone, especially at night. And if you use a smartphone or laptop for a long time, then special glasses should be used for this.

Q-Does Keratoconus affects both eyes?

ANS: It affects both eyes, but a little less in one eye and more in some.

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