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What is online gaming/gambling – 

In today’s era, if you want, you can not completely keep children away from online gaming. The game has a greater impact on children due to the closure of school colleges due to Covid-19. Children are attracted to more gaming, but now the danger is not limited to online games only.

Rather, gambling is being played under the guise of gambling, which can ruin the lives of teenagers. For this, the help of games like Ludo, Candy Crush, Teen Patti, Poker is being taken. You all have seen its advertisement on TV as well.

A petition was filed in the Madras High Court recently against the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and actress Tamannaah Bhatia on the charge of advertising such games. In which instructions were sought to ban online gambling.

online gaming/gambling
online gaming/gambling

Not only this, but online gambling games falling in the category of gambling are also being compared to the Blue Havel game. Due to which many teenagers lost their lives.

Don’t change the game in Gambling:

The craze of online gaming is being seen not only among children but also among adults. online gaming apps and software also exist for every category. But some companies of the world are now trying to trap the youth in the web of gambling under the guise of online gaming.

Apart from money, other types of offers are also offered in this type of game. Recently, a young man from Chennai borrowed money for online gambling. And committed suicide for not paying the money. Such phenomena have started increasing. Most online games have the facility to play with online players with room experience.

In which, by sharing the link to friends, etc., you can apply power to the result of the game. Recently, the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court had highlighted the need for legislation to regulate online gaming. The bench had said that the addiction to online gaming or gambling among the youth is causing financial damage to the families.

Parents have to take care:

Children cannot be kept completely separate from technology mobiles. But if the children are small, then parents have to decide how long they play games on mobile and which are not. The thrill of moment-to-moment adventures during online gaming keeps children engaged.

But online games that feature multiplayer or play with online players. Children need to be made aware of this. In multiplayer games, the game can be played by connecting with people around the world. But there are many non-existent people with an identity, whose job is to trap children and teens. It can provoke children to gabble online. You can blackmail them, ask for their photo, etc.

Prepare Safe Place:

It is the responsibility of the parents that if they are giving permission to the child to play the game, then prepare a safe player for them, such as the use of Kids Fold with the device, Parental Tools, Antivirus Tools, etc. It should also be told not to open any kind of link.

Vigilance about Gaming Profile:

Personal Identification Information is data that can be used to identify you, it may contain your full name, age, email address, credit card details, etc. Cyber ​​Criminals can sell PII on the dark web. In such a situation, parents should always keep children away from those games. In which a profile is required to be played.

Many games have a chat facility, in which a harmful link can be shared. It should not open. Also, keep in mind that children do not use real names during online gaming. Neither shares your IP address nor any other personal information.

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