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WhatsApp Update: How to make Note on WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp Update: Whatsapp is again a very popular online message sending app. How to make a Note on WhatsApp? With the help of which you can send real-time messages to anyone in few seconds. Just for this, it is important to have a good internet connection on your smartphone or PC.

By the way, WhatsApp keeps bringing its users many new features and updates from time to time. So that users can have more ease in using this social media platform.

One of the same features is to make a note for yourself. However, official information has not yet been released by WhatsApp company for this.

WhatsApp Update - TECH786
WhatsApp Update

Although this feature is present in many other messaging apps. With its help, you can make notes for yourself.

By the way, you can send many different types of messages to anyone through WhatsApp. Such as audio messages, video messages, notes, and photos, etc. You can write any important things in the note. This feature is not yet officially released by WhatsApp.

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 However, we will discuss how you can make notes for yourself on WhatsApp as well, for that you will have to follow the following steps.

WhatsApp Update news: How to make a Note on WhatsApp?

1. For this, first, you have to open a browser on your phone or PC. In his address bar, you have to type these URLs and then enter your mobile number in it.

2. As an exam, if you enter the number in this URL in the address bar, is like this.

3. After this a prompt will come, in this prompt, you will be asked to open WhatsApp, if you have opened it in the browser of the phone then your WhatsApp will be open.

4. In this, your chat will open with you, on the other hand in this feature you will also see your DP.

5. After this, you can send a message to any of your friends or to any relative. You can also send any note to it.

6. Apart from this, you can send any photo or video to save here or making Note on WhatsApp.


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