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WhatsApp’s new feature rollout, now you will be able to do audio and video calling from laptop (PC) and computer, know how to use this WhatsApp Web New Features.

Tech786: Popular messaging app WhatsApp has finally rolled out the audio and video calling feature for desktop app users after a long wait. The introduction of this new feature of WhatsApp will benefit a lot, especially those who spend most of their time on laptops and computers. This feature will prove to be very helpful in the era of work from home. WhatsApp announced in a tweet yesterday that audio and video calling option has been made available for the desktop app version of WhatsApp.

Also, for the convenience of the user, the company has also shared a link from where the app can be downloaded on laptop and computer. The company claims that with the new feature of WhatsApp, users will now be able to make private and one-to-one secure calls. Simply put, now users will be able to make audio and video calling from laptops and computers. This feature was first rolled out to the beta user in December.

WhatsApp calling increased demand

WhatsApp Web Video and Audio Calls
WhatsApp Web Video and Audio Calls

Let us know that there has been a sharp increase in WhatsApp calling in the last few years. The last night of last year was the highest calling from WhatsApp, which was a record. At that time there were around 1.4 billion audio and video calling.

What will be required for audio and video calls

1– WhatsApp desktop audio and video calling feature will support the 64 bit version 1903 and newer versions of Windows 10. Also, macOS will support 10.12 and upgraded versions.

2– The user will always need a fast internet connection.

3– The laptop should have a microphone and webcap for this feature. Also audio output will be needed.

How will you be able to call using WhatsApp Web?

Step 1: The user has to open the chat from which video or audio calling is to be done.

Step 2: After this, click on the video call option.

Step 3: The desktop app of the 5-year-old Window and Mac will support one-to-one calls.
Users will soon be supported by group video and audio calls.

No need to do mobile checks again and again

WhatsApp audio and video calls can be made without phone using the new feature of WhatsApp web. However, for this, the user has to log in once on WhatsApp Web. Also, the phone that has a WhatsApp account logged in must be near a laptop or desktop. With this feature, you will not have to check WhatsApp on mobile phones repeatedly while doing office work on laptop or desktop. Beta-users can use the audio-video calling feature of WhatsApp in MacOS and Windows laptops. For this, the user has to download the Apple Store for macOS and the app for the desktop from the Windows Store, or they can login to the browser through the QR code by going to web.whatsapp.com.

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