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Who is CarryMinati? | CarryMinati Age, Net Worth, Heights, Memes, TikTok Roast, Wiki, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, PUBG, YALGAAR 

Tech786:CarryMinati Age, Net Worth, Heights, Memes, TikTok Roast, Wiki, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, PUBG, YALGAAR CarryMinati real name is Ajey Nagar and he was born on 12 June 1999. He was born in Faridabad, Haryana and grew up there. CarryMinati is a very famous Indian YouTuber. His videos are always seen criticizing the famous personality and are going to very viral.

Basic Introduction of CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

CarryMinati Age
CarryMinati Age
Full Name Ajey Nagar
Date of Birth 12 June, 1999
Age (as of October 2020)  21 Years, 6 Months
Place of Birth  Faridabad (Haryana)
Address  Faridabad (Haryana)
School & College Not Known
Parents Not Knwon
Profession YouTuber, Roaster
Girlfriend Not Known

How Many Channels have Ajey Nagar?

He has two YouTube channel first is CarryMinati which has currently 27.9M subscribers and in this Channel he has uploaded up to 172 videos right now.

Second YouTube channel name is CarryIsLive and on this channel currently 8.36M subscribers and uploaded 669 Game streaming videos.

What is CarryMinati age?

He was born on 12th June, 1999. So according to that his present age as on today is 21 years 6 months.

What is CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Height?

Ajey Nagar height is 166cm ie 5 feet 6 inches, tall.

Carryminati Memes

Below are some popular carry’s memes.

TikTok ban
Happiest man right now..! #carryminatipic.twitter.com/Jjndvbf5d2

— Yashmakwana (@yashmakwana98) Ju


After seeing #TikTokbanned with 59 others..🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/OpboTvQM4e

— Paramanand Tripathi (@Paramanand772k) June 29, 2020


What is Carryminati (Ajey Nagar) Net Worth & Income in 2021?

Famous Name CarryMinati
Real Name Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)
Profession YouTuber, Roaster
Net Worth (2021) $ 4.5 Million (As on 9th January, 2021)
Net Worth (INR) 33 Crore
Average Per Youtube Video Income 1 Lakh +
Monthly Income 25 Lakh +
Annual Income 2 Crore +
Money Earning Main Source YouTube
Carryminati phone number & Phone Name Both Not Known 

Most Important Fact about the Life of CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

1- When he was just 8 years old, he had been with YouTube since his childhood and was very fond of football, so he used to post some videos related to football.

2- In 2010, he created a channel called Stealth Fearzz, on which WoW uploaded videos of football and their short tricks. At that time, many people did not watch their videos.

3- In 2014, he created a channel called Addiction A1. Here he was seen commentating in the game, he used to make commentary by removing the voices of famous actors, which made people enjoy watching and playing games. He has also mimicked famous actors Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol in their games several times.

CarryMinati Heights

4- In 2015, he changed the name of the channel to Carry Deol and started making videos to roast his games in it. Many of his videos started getting popular from here and gradually it became very popular among children and young people. went.

5- Ajey Nagar once roasted Bhuvan bomb as well, due to which people started liking them and the youth started loving them with heart.

6- Ajay Nagar crossed 1000000 subscribers in 2017 for which he also got the Gold button from YouTube.

7- On 8 May 2020, he uploaded a video called YouTube vs Tik-Tak which was viewed by 5 million people in 1 day, but YouTube deleted the video.

8- He also received the Diamond Play Button in May 2020.

9- It is the first such Youtuber of India to have met Tom cruise.

Carryminati with Tom Cruise
Carryminati with Tom Cruise

CarryMinati Social Network

1- CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) InstagramHe has an Instagram account with 10.6M Followers, 110 Following and 388 Post. His account name is @carryminati.

2- CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Twitter– He has an Twitter account with 2.5M Followers, 42 Following. His account name is @CarryMinati.


3- CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Facebook– He has an Facebook page with likes 1324358. His account name is CarryMinati.

YouTube CarryMinati TikTok – YouTube Vs Tiktok: The End

In 2020, Nagar published a YouTube video titled “YouTube Vs Tiktok – The End”, catching in on creators like Aamir Siddiqui on the social media platform TikTok. The video resulted in the hashtag #CarryMinatiRoastVideo on Twitter. The video received almost the highest number of likes on any non-music video on YouTube in India, before it was removed by YouTube India.

CarryMinati PUBG Mobile ID

Carry Minati streams live PUBG Mobile on YouTube channel before banning of PUBG in India. Although he streams many more new games also. The PUBG Mobile ID of CarryMinati is 545247961, and his in-game name is Khalidjamonday. Surprisingly he has not played any match this season.

CarryMinati YALGAAR

CarryMinati YALGAAR
CarryMinati YALGAAR

He has uploaded his Yalgaar track video on YouTube on 5th June, 2020. Currently this video has 198M views and 13M likes. In this video he has collaborated with Wily Frenzy.


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