Windows 11 Release Date And Download, Complete Method

Microsoft last month launched Windows 11 as an accessor to Windows 10 OS. How can you download and install it on your PC?

Microsoft’s company has launched Windows 11, but when will it be released to all common users. So far no information has been given clearly about it.

If all the reports are to be believed then they will not be released soon. In such a situation, many users may have to wait even longer for this. RELATED| Airtel Customer! Know here how to protect your smartphone, PC from cybercriminals

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Windows 11 Release Date And Download

Apart from this, no new update of Windows 11 will be given to everyone. A few days ago, this Microsoft company confirmed this and said that this Windows eleven update will be given only to eligible devices.

So its meaning is clear. That many users will not be able to get this Windows 11 update. Despite this, however, there is another way.

With the help of which you can get the experience of Windows 11 without waiting. But for this, you only have to join the Windows Insider program in it. RELATED| Govt. launches App like WhatsApp ‘Sandes’, Let’s know about it – Tech786

Under this program, almost many users will get early access to Windows eleven. But now the question arises in this that in this way you can join this exclusive club. To download Windows 11, all of you people have to follow some steps.


To participate in the Windows Insider program, you must first go to Settings. Now there you have to go to the Update add security Windows Insider program.

Now you click on the register there and then click on the option of sign in. Then after this, you will have to review the Privacy Statement and Term of Service. RELATED| How to Delete Bulk Mails in Gmail App [2021], Step By Step Full Guide- Tech786

After reviewing you have to click on submit button again. Now you have to select Developers channel from Settings and then click on Install Windows 11 on Download.

Now you have to click on the confirm button. Now you have to click on the Restart Now button in the next step. Now after starting from your PC, you will have to go to Settings Update and Security Windows Update again.

Then you will have to click on the Update button that, so that when the latest Developers build of Windows 11 arrives, the PC will start downloading it directly. RELATED| Vi offers Disney + Hotstar VIP Subscriptions Free with 48GB Data, Let’s see – Tech786

But during this, you should keep a lot of attention on one thing that this is not the final version. For this, you may also have to face some difficulties. You might not get a smooth experience in it like the final version.

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