Women’s Day 2021: How to keep women safe in the web world?


Women’s Day 2021: Cyber crimes against women have increased. The reason for this is that most women do not complain of crime due to social pressure and hurting dignity.

Therefore, criminals have more soul. It is a global phenomenon where online privacy hurts someone’s privacy and security.

It is easy for criminals to target women. Many women are victims of harassment.

Cyber ​​attackers usually extract personal information such as passwords, bank details. They then attack their privacy.

Women are often blasted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Not only this, a fatal attack is also threatened.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, about 6,30 cyber crimes were reported by women.

There are 25 crore women in the 71 crore population who use the internet.

80 percent of women are becoming victims of cyber crime and unfortunately 63 percent of women do not know where and how to file a complaint.

This is a huge social problem and needs to be resolved. We celebrate Women’s Day 2021. Providing some such list of cyber attacks.

In which women should focus on keeping their profile safe. Pictures of women are tampered with.

On the occasion of Women’s Day 2021, we will mention some special ways for women to avoid exploitation through social media, which you can easily protect yourself by following.

How to keep women safe in the web world?

Photo morphing and leaks:  Photos of women can be misused in many ways. One of the most common incidents is that photographs are used by placing someone else’s face in a photo of someone’s body. This is called morphing. These photos can be used on those websites.


  1. Nobody knows about them.
  2. Do not share your personal photos with anyone.

Account hacking: The biggest risk for women is their data. Criminals may misuse their data. A woman is sitting in a cafe and occasionally uses public Wi-Fi.

At such times, they are more likely to be stolen data. Even if you do not take precautions during online shopping, there is a risk of data cherry.


  1. Overall, Open Wi-Fi should never be used.
  2. So use such Wi-Fi. Which contains the password.
  3. Free things may be danger and terrible.

Two-Factor Authentication: Always use two-factor authentication. It can be activated on Facebook, Gmail and Instagram.

Anti-Data Recovery: Whenever you sell your old phone, use an anti-data recovery solution. Otherwise, your old data can be used on the dark web. On the occasion of Women’s Day 2021, we will mention some special ways for women to avoid exploitation through social media.


  1. We often need to have a very strong parser in our device. Each woman is advised to change her account settings from public to private.
  2. And of course keep checking the site security detail of your account and website.
  3. Avoid opening sites with red and yellow indicators. Block the account of people you suspect.

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