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Youtube is creating its platform in its different ways. It’s really creating various features and because of this people are getting attracted toward these steps. In this case youtube is giving its users the platform where users can stream videos as well as buy the product which has been pinned by the YouTuber.

The company has itself provided this information on the support page of youtube. YouTube has said that they are testing a new features for their users. It means they are testing for the streaming of videos as well as shopping on the same time. At the same time, youtube has said that it is a pilot project where many content creators are working in this field.

It simplifies that the content creator will be able to add any product with their video so that people can use it in different way. In the videos, an icon of shopping bag will be seen and users will get the product by clicking it.

How it is going to work ?

YouTube Shopping Feature
YouTube Shopping Feature

As it has been already stated that the icon of shopping bag will be seen in the right side of videos and users will be able to purchase it. After clicking on that icon users will be able to explore those products and all the information will be added there. According to youtube, these project will be only available for some creators. First it will be Available in America on ios, android and desktop users.

Two other features of youtube:-

Video shopping tab is really an amazing feature that any company wanted to do. This is the third feature that is being presented by the company. Before this company has presented hashtags to it’s users and with the use of this user can search through hashtag. with the help of this hashtag videos were put on the top for audiences.

After this a new feature was also added and that is voice command. In this, on the right side of the search box a command box was added so that the people can also search by video with the help of voice command.

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