YouTube Thumbnail Size | What is the size of youtube thumbnail? Know Everything About Thumbnail 2020


Tech786: Youtube Thumbnail Size is up to 1280 × 720 pixels for an image. The best aspect ratio of YouTube thumbnail image is 16:9. While the minimum thumbnail size should be 640 × 360 pixels.

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YouTube is a world famous online video streaming platform. After uploading every video, an effective thumbnail has to be added. Thumbnail plays an important role in ranking the video. It works like the upper cover of a book. Just as looking at the cover above the book makes you aware of the entire book, similarly by looking at a thumbnail, you almost know a lot about the video or content inside it. Simply put, a thumbnail should contain the essence of the entire video content.

Quick Info about Youtube Thumbnail Size

● Ideal Size: 1280 × 720 pixels

Minimum Size: 640 pixels

Image Formats Support by Youtube: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP

Maximum File Size: 2MB

What is Youtube Thumbnail?

The term thumbnail signifies an image that represents its original image or album. That is, it is a compressed image of a smaller size, which is a larger image and is a representative image of the album. But when it comes to YouTube thumbnails, it is a bit different in this sense.

In the context of a video, thumbnails are interpreted to represent the entire video. This is the front of the video, which first interacts with the users and appears in the search results. Remember, these represent the entire video rather than a single scene or part of the video and provide an accurate information about the content within the video.

Types Of Thumbnail

Thumbnails are mainly of three types which are as follows;

Image Thumbnail

As the name suggests, the image thumbnail contains only one image which can be in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF form. It does not contain any text. In this, all the nuances of the content are shown through an image. It is considered to be the best and ideal format of thumbnail according to visualization. Image thumbnails are commonly used for videos that are made on a famous brand or character – such as characters in famous cartoon series, film stars, cricketers, politicians, comedians, etc.

Image Thumbnail
Image Thumbnail

Text and Image Thumbnail 

As the name suggests, this type of thumbnail also supports text as well as images. It is a mixture of both. This thumbnail is commonly used in educational videos or in a tutorial. It is nowadays mostly used for YouTube’s video content, this format is the most popular and most used format of thumbnails. According to the SEO, it has been considered a well-optimized thumbnail.

Image and Text Thumbnail
Image and Text Thumbnail

Text Thumbnail 

However, it is the most worst type of thumbnail in which an image is not supported. It only contains text, it is not considered good according to visualization and SEO. It is used for videos which are full of text and cover multiple topics like news, list, index etc.

Text Thumbnail
Text Thumbnail

What is an ideal thumbnail?

The ideal thumbnail is called the thumbnail that is best for both visualization and video SEO. Actually, if we talk about an ideal thumbnail, then it has an image or a mixture of both image and text. Because both of these formats are considered good according to visualization.

Now it is your choice of what kind of video you make and what is more important for you? Visualization or SEO. If you make a comedy or funny videos, roasting videos, which is famous, then you need a thumbnail that gives good visualization, ie the image thumbnail will work well for you. On the other hand, if you make a tutorial or educational video, then you should choose a thumbnail with image and text format.

But in YouTube, an ideal thumbnail is a thumbnail that is up to 1280 × 720 pixels and is made using high quality images.

Youtube thumbnail size (2020)

An aspect ratio 16:9 image is used primarily for YouTube thumbnails. If viewed from a resolution perspective, 800 × 450 pixel resolution is considered the best for YouTube videos while the maximum thumbnail size is 1280 × 720 pixels and minimum 640 × 360 pixels. The maximum size of a file used for a thumbnail should not exceed 2 MB.

What is Youtube Thumbnail?
Ideal YouTube Thumbnail Size

Try to always use a high quality file format like PNG to create a thumbnail. By doing this, your thumbnail is quite attractive, HD and great.

Importance of YouTube Thumbnail

According to Video SEO, the thumbnail is a single visual title of the content inside the video in a way, by which the user gets an idea of ​​the content inside. Seeing the thumbnail, even an illiterate person can easily guess the content of the video, then you must have understood the importance of the thumbnail!

For those who do not know how to read and write, the thumbnail is like a blind man’s stick. They understand the video after seeing the thumbnail and decide whether to click on it or not. In such a situation, YouTube thumbnail is an important role in interacting with users and ranking your videos.

What is Thumbnail Clickbait?

Remember, thumbnails should always be related to video or content. Some people show something else in the thumbnail to get more views and something else comes out in the content. In such a situation, they get Bad Clickbait, which is not considered good for any YouTuber.

What is Thumbnail Clickbait?
What is Thumbnail Clickbait?

We will always advise you to use a thumbnail that is related to your content, so that your channel’s ranking will be maintained in the eyes of YouTube and the content ranking will remain in the eyes of search engines.

Because if you cheat Google or YouTube, your channel ranking will be down, then always avoid bad clickbait and use only thumbnails related to content.

Good Clickbait For Youtube

If your thumbnail is related to your content or video, then you get a good clickbait from search engine or YouTube. On the other hand, it is also important to keep in mind that your thumbnail is presented in a slightly different, unique and interesting style which should include qualities like charm, suspense and curiosity. Also, always keep in mind that what appears in the thumbnail should be in the video or content as well.

We are repeatedly reminding you that there should be a similarity between thumbnails and content, because it will give your channel a good response in terms of search engines and YouTube, which will improve your ranking. Despite this, if you do not do this, then your hard work will be of no use because your channel ranking may be down.

Thumbnail Layout

Layout is also an important factor in thumbnails to be created for YouTube videos. If you use text in a thumbnail, your text should not come down on the right side. Because the duration of the video appears here. In such a situation, your text will be buried under time. The left and top half of the thumbnail is the best place for the test.

Thumbnail Layout
Thumbnail Layout

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